La Casita Blanca

Available to rent: One-bedroomed house in Saleres, Granada, Andalucia, Spain

Local interests


The pueblo is an ideal centre for a variety of walks to suit everyone, from strolls around the village to more strenuous treks.  It is astride the official GR7 route which famously stretches from Tarifa, overlooking the Straits of Gibralta, right through to France, and colour marked along its length with red and white stripes.
An easy stroll take the hiker up the hills and along fincas to the next village of Restabal, or taking the other direction, following the path high up on the hillside with dense shrubs on the other side, to Albuñuelas, which marks the end of the road for vehicles driving down the Lecrin Valley.  At either destination there is a variety of bars where the thirsty traveller can slake his thirst with a cold drink. 


Not quite as strenuous, but still challenging is the half hour or so slog up the steep mountain behind the pueblo of Pinos de Valle, on the other side of the valley, following a zig-zag path to the white painted shrine, Ermito Cristo de Zapato, perched on the very top and visible for miles around.  The views from its terrace are spectacular.


For the more hardy, right outside Saleres is the Barranco del Luna, a deep winding canyon with water sometimes a foot deep.  To ascend its length means clambering over boulders, pushing aside clinging brambles, but a small price to pay for the spectacular views of smoothed rock embedded with sea fossils from millions of years ago.  Hawks soar above the towering walls of the gorge and you might even be rewarded with a brief sighting of a wild boar.


For water lovers, the nearest beaches are those of Salobreña with thatched conical parasols, loungers to rent and a variety of restaurants to suit every taste and price.  Further east is Calahonda, an attractive cove under towering cliffs where yachts moor. The road in the summer is very busy, but it's well worth the trip.  To the west the variety is infinite, from busy Almuñeca, with its Aqua Park and extensive beach to little inlets, some only known to a few.


Further afield, but well worth the drive, is Cabo de Gata, Andalucia’s largest coastal protected coastal area, on the coastal road beyond Almeria and with spectacular sandy beaches and hidden coves. The Moorish pueblo blanco of Nijar is renowned for its brightly coloured ceramics and pottery. Las Negras, a seaside town with bustling nightlife, live music and great restaurants. Returning to the Lecrin Valley via Las Alpujarras is a lengthy but rewarding drive high above valleys and through Yegen, made famous by Gerald Brenan in his best-selling South From Granada book.

La Casita Blanca, 12 Calle de Rosario, Saleres 18658, Granada, Andalucía, Spain.